Friday, January 1, 2016

Beginning of New Year

What will you do in the beginning of this new year? Clean house? Set target / goal ? Prepare for children school reopen thing ?
or just relax at home and enjoy the holiday before going back to work!!!

Any how, when people relax at home.. and do nothing .. consider this action , wasting time ??
Need to be seen as busy as working, then it consider not wasting your time?? As clock is clicking.. will not turn back..just will move must have a master plan for the year of 2016 .. and each month have a small target to achieve.
So.. how to set a target for yourself ? In term of financial , career or family progress ?

Financial , looking for extra income ? do any part time job ? or do some small investment ?
First .. you need to consider , do you have extra time for any part time job? if yes.. are those extra income is worth for the time you spend there? Will it effect to your family later, which you do not have much time company with family member,
Small investment, buying share ? unit trust ? or just buy 4D number, which hope one day it will win the lottery . Or doing some small business online, buy and sell .

Basically whatever you do, must have a support from your family member , at least they are your back bone in term of moral support . Doing those thing, you also need to set a time frame for it. Within a year must see result ? Within a budget expenses if you are dealing with buying and selling.

In this current market situation, everything also uncertain, it will change anytime . So, must be much careful dealing with financial thing which it will cost you a lot if you got burn! As people said, play smart in any environment and be calculated risk management involved before you make a big or small decision on investment. Always remember , CHANGE is the factor always constant.