Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Birthday Cake

I have a nice and lovely cake... for my birthday...

Year End Outing

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Year End

Time pass very fast... now is going to year end..
What have I done? What have I achieved? Think Think Think....
It seem very little...
Another year come....what is the target? goal?
Base on the current economy..what type of business is good to venture?
less investment n high return...??? MLM?
It seem a lot of big Q in my head now... cannot get it clear...
perhaps.. time can show....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Trip In China

I went to business trip in China last year. Those photos took during that time.
Just for memories... that why I put on my blog.

The people there very friendly.. and give u such a home feeling..
especially visiting my supplier home.
I had an opportunity to try out their local food, it taste a bit funny.. but nice..
later the photos will tell the whole story..

It took 4 hours from Xia Meng airport to "The Hwa" town.

This was in the Xia Meng airport.

This is their taxi service by using bike.

We stopped by one of the shop to had lunch.

After lunch, we continue our journey.

Finally, we reach the place after 4 hours journey.

This is the factory that I visiting.

These are some of their products.

At nite, we went for dinner.
This was their normal drink which is very cheap.

This was the hotel that I stay.

This is some of their local products.

Now on the way to his house and having lunch over there.

This is the oldest temple in the town.

Now on the way to his grandmother house which up the hill for dinner.

This was my dinner...the look..not so nice.. but taste good...

This is my supplier and his wife.

Just right time, that day was his wife birthday.

This the photo of the "The Hwa" town

Another day lunch...

His son and daughter.

My supplier brother and me.

My supplier and me.

When I was on the plane that time, outside view so nice and make me feel want to take more pictures. That the end of my 4 days journey to China.